Haroon Shahid – The Rising Star


By Khurram Zia Khan

Haroon Shahid, an astounding singer turned actor has made his acting debut in Shaoib Mansoor’s  movie Verna.

Verna is my first ever acting experience as I never even acted in a school play before it. It’s an honor for me to work with Shoaib Mansoor and Mahira Khan“.

I think acting and music are interrelated. Both have expressions; however the only difference is in acting one has to articulate emotions with facial features while in singing, it is about vocal expression. Actor, moreover along with his facial expressions also has to keep his dialogues delivery and overall style in consideration.

Talking about his role in Verna, Haroon Shahid said that my role in this movie is very substantial. Every role is important no matter how small or big it is. “I had great support from Mahira Khan during the shooting of the movie. She has been very encouraging and guided me throughout through her experience and pushed me to give my best performance in every scene”

On a lighter note, Haroon Shahid said, “Generally I am a soft spoken person and the aggression that the audiences will see in this movie was the acting that i have done”.

Haroon said that during the promotion of Verna, he realized that you have to fulfill the demands and expectations of your fans and whatever he does outside Pakistan,  should be for Pakistan.

Shoaib Mansoor first contacted me for acting in BOL in 2011. At that time I became a fresh rock star and I realized that at that time I was not ready to start off my acting career, but fortunately he kept me in the frame for all these years and when he approached me for Verna, I felt very proud of it and accepted the opportunity. Not many people get the chance to work with Shoaib Mansoor and I learned a lot from my experience of working with him“.

Talking about the future of the Pakistani film industry, he said that content is the king. “It is time we make our own space. We compare our movies with Bollywood which is not required. We should focus on content which we should claim to be ours is important. We are doing good work and we should continue in the same direction“.

This film is a step towards telling people that what Pakistani film industry is capable of” said Haroon, He further added, “Our music made its place at all levels and I am confident that if we focus and continue the good work, our movies will also started getting accolades everywhere.”

Talking about critics he said that critics only have an opinion, “If criticism is justified, then I don’t mind it. I want critics to be honest and fair in passing their statements. I want all critics to come and watch the movie and then write about it.”

Answering a question about the story being influenced by any other movie of yesteryears, Haroon Shahid elaborated that you may get a shade of few revenge thrillers in this movie but actually we are trying to highlight the issues like the power games prevailing in our society for the education of common people. “I hope people can relate themselves with this movie and understand the message which we want to promote”.

Haroon Shahid said that Verna has a strong script. This movie carries a few strong dialogues and he was sure that after watching the movie, the public will remember it for a long time.

Talking about the promotion of Verna, he said that promotion of movie is like an election campaign. Even during the promotion campaign in a school, the principal told them that he feels as if a political jalsa is taking place in school.

Talking about his personal and professional life, he said that he was born in Karachi and currently he is living in Lahore. He is working in Bramerz, a digital marketing agency in Lahore who always supported him. “I often have spent months away from office for my shootings but my organization never created any hindrance for me. Wherever I am today, it is only possible because of Bramerz support who allowed me to continue my passion without worrying about the resources required to run my family.”

Haroon Shahid will decide his journey in the acting profession after evaluating the feedback he received from masses after the release of Verna.

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Story first published: 2nd December 2017

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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