Hearing of Contempt Case Against Talal To Resume Today


Islamabad (June 19, 2018): Hearing of Contempt of Court will resume today in Supreme Court against former State Minister, Talal Chaudhry

A three-member bench of the apex court headed by Justice Gulzar Ahmed will hear the contempt case against Talal Chaudhry today at 1pm.Earlier on May 23,  Supreme Court had turned down the request of  Talal Chaudry to produce witnesses before Supreme Court, counsel of Talal Chaudry submitted list of witnesses in the apex court.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed heard contempt case against PML N leader Talal Chaudry, he submitted list of 17 witnesses for his defence. Senator Musdiq Malik, Marryam Aurangzeb and Aashique Hussain Karmani were included in the list.Counsel of Talal Chaudry requested the court to give more time to produce witnesses to record their statements.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed said call the witness now, we can’t prolong the case.

We will make sure to produce the witnesses, argued the counsel of Talal Chaudry.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed questioned what you mean by will produce the witnesses? It is a strange thing, you presented a list of 17 witnesses, and they are too much.Counsel of Talal Chaudry said it is not possible to produce the witnesses; they are frightened to come and record the statement.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed turned down the request and said there are some MNA’s and MPA’s in your witness list, what will be their statement, their statement may not come in your favor.

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