Heavy Rains Cause Flood in Miami


Miami (August 2, 2017): Residents in Miami and Miami Beach had to navigate through high water Tuesday after extreme flooding from rain in some parts of their cities.

In just a few hours, storms brought between 4-7 inches of nonstop rain across Miami Beach and Miami’s downtown and by rush hour, several streets were flooded.

The storm brought businesses along the beach to a halt, and some commuters had to get towed out of the high water.

A new storm water system installed in Miami Beach was designed to handle 7 1/2 inches of rainfall, but Assistant City Manager Eric Carpenter said Tuesday’s rain was “significantly higher intensity” than the system is designed to handle.

Power outages in Sunset Harbor also added to the issue as the pumps were struggling to keep up with the rainfall already.

In Brickell, some people were stranded after work because of the heavy rain. Meanwhile, tow trucks were in high demand in the area as commuters became stuck in the high water.

Flooding from a roof drain prompted the evacuation of the Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Center. The building will remain closed until Wednesday. All hearings scheduled for Wednesday are set to be re-scheduled.

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