Here are 10 facts about the Mashal Khan that you should know


NEWS DESK: Mashal Khan, a journalism student at the Abdul Wali Khan University in Mardan, was brutally killed on April 13, 2017. A violent mob attacked him on the pretext of committing blasphemy. First, bullets were pumped into him and then his lifeless body was thrashed. No proof of blasphemy was found against the slain student. Investigators have ruled that the murder was politically motivated.

Here are 10 things you should know about Mashal and the case:

  1. 57 is the number of suspects who have been arrested in connection with the case while three others are absconding
  2. The three absconders include Pakhtoon Students Federation (PSF) President Sabir Mayar, who was one of those who hatched the conspiracy to incite a mob against Mashal
  3. The JIT report revealed that the murder was premeditated
  4. The JIT found no proof of blasphemy against Mashal Khan
  5. Mashal was vocal about the wrongdoings being committed inside the university and had led protests against the mismanagement. He also spoke about students’ rights
  6. After Mashal was shot in the head and chest, his lifeless body was thrashed by the mob. According to the JIT report, the mob wanted to set fire to the body after the brutal beating. However, the DSP at the campus succeeded in preventing that with the help of additional policemen who arrived with the SSP Operations.
  7. Mashal’s father, Iqbal Khan, revealed disclosed that families of the accused were pressuring him. Consequently, the trial was shifted to the ATC set up inside Haripur Jail.
  8. A university administration official has said over 20 officers had arrived at the scene when the lynching took place, but failed to control the situation.
  9. Mashal secured the first position in every class until intermediate, when he earned a scholarship to study in a Russian university. He studied in Russia for a year
  10. The slain student wrote poetry in Pashto and was also well-versed in Urdu.

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Story first published: 7th February 2018

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