Here are some things you should know about the #ParadisePapers leaks


NEWS DESK: Massive leak of secret documents in the wake of #ParadisePapers leak shows how the world’s biggest businesses and leading politicians have sheltered their wealth in tax havens. Prominent Pakistani names, such as former PM Shaukat Aziz and former National Insurance Corporation Limited chairperson Ayaz Khan Niazi, have also been in the Paradise Papers release.

As with the Panama Papers, the Paradise Papers leak came through a duo of reporters at the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and was then shared with I.C.I.J., a Washington-based group that won the Pulitzer Prize for reporting on the millions of records of a Panamanian law firm. The release of that trove of documents led to the resignation of one prime minister last year and to the unmasking of the wealth of people close to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.

Journalists from 67 countries, including India and Pakistan, have participated in the investigations and reporting of the Paradise Papers.

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