Here’s an overdose of cuteness as toddler helps baby brother escape from his crib



SCREENGRAB: Daily Bumps YouTube Channel

SCREENGRAB: Daily Bumps YouTube Channel

While international relations, elections, and tensions of the world makes the blood pressure shoot up, we found a video of a toddler helping his baby brother escape from the crib, and it will make your heart swell with joy.

Oliver, 3, and Finely, 1, are shown in the video separated by the bars of the crib, when Ollie decides to teach his little brother how to climb out of the crib. The parents, Bryan and Missy Lanning, uploaded this heart-melting video of their two sons under the name of their vlog Daily Bumps, and on YouTube and Facebook as well.

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Currently, this video has reached 61 million views on Facebook, which is significant of the fact that people over the world reacted to this video just like we did! Ollie teaches Finn the art of jailbreak quite smoothly by giving him a chair and teaching him how to escape.

As we see little Finn climbing on to the chair and into his brother’s arms, we can see the look of pure joy on their faces. The family’s YouTube channel Daily Bumps’ trailer has 2,323,691 views and was only uploaded 11 months ago.

The family seems to record all of their important moments and share them on social media to spread joy and happiness to the world as well. While the redundant home videos of the mid-1900s have lost their touch, the new way to save memories is to record and upload. And we can’t say we’re complaining as long as we can see baby Finn and big brother Ollie make us smile.

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