Hidden cams in try room: Shocking disclosures about Faisalabad outlets


FAISALABAD: Officials investigating the installation of hidden cameras in a garment store in Faisalabad have made shocking disclosures in their inquiry report.

Earlier this month, police registered a case and arrested two people for installing hidden cameras inside a women’s fitting room at a garments shop.

The complaint was filed by Noman Zaffar, a law student, stating that he had visited the shop with his sister who found hidden cameras installed inside the fitting room.

Zaffar said he made a video of the hidden cameras, but two of the employees tried to snatch his mobile phone, and told him that cameras had been installed at the behest of the outlet’s owner.

Later, police registered a case against four people, including the owner of the outlet, its manager and the two employees, who were taken into custody.

However, police did not arrest owner of the store.

In the ongoing investigation, it came to fore today that the police teams inspected some 58 outlets and found holes inside try rooms of various stores.

Large holes were also spotted in ceilings of many of the outlets, Officials told Samaa.
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Story first published: 20th February 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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