The local government in Gilgit-Baltistan has auctioned off the permits to hunt Markhor for $83,500 in a recent ceremony where hunting enthusiasts placed their bids for 124 animals in the region. The permit for Markhor was sold off for $110,000 last year,

The permit costs for hunting 124 species of animals have been finalized by the government. The earnings from selling off the permits are shared between the locals and the federal government, with the local community getting an 80% share.

A local species of sheep known as blue sheep or bharal can now be hunted for $8,900. Hunters from all across the country and from abroad visit Gilgit-Baltistan to hunt for trophies in the winter season.

The locals are unhappy that the permits for Markhor were sold off at a lesser price than last year, however, a Wildlife department official believes that the results are encouraging as compared to last year as more people have participated in the event and permits have yielded better rates.

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