‘I AM KARACHI’ Revival of Music Festival to Promote Peace


Karachi (November 4, 2017): I AM KARACHI music festival kicks off with the 1st ever Lok Virsa Mela on November 11.

Speaking at a press conference, I AM KARACHI President Amin Hashwani explained the project’s objective at a local hotel .

He said Karachi was facing a number of challenges which required all stakeholders to work together.

He said collaboration was needed to revive Karachi and I AM KARACHI music festival would serve as the beginning of making Karachi a prosperous city. “Our aim is to make the young generation aware of our culture and promote new talent,” he added.‘I AM KARACHI’announces revival of music festival to promote peaceArts Council Karachi (ACK) President Ahmad Shah said since IAK’s creation, ACK has been its partner and it was proud to collaborate with IAK.

He said not too long ago, it was not safe to work in parts of Karachi but the circumstances had changed for the better. “Every individual has to play its role to revive Karachi,” he articulated.

Lok Virsa Director Dr Fouzia Saeed thanked the IAK team for collaborating with LokVirsa. She said that it was our duty to aware youngsters about our rich culture and traditions and Lok Virsa was doing its best in that regard.Shallum Xavier, of Fuzön music group, while briefing the gathering, he said IAK MusicMentorship Program was one of its kind in Pakistan.He lamented that Pakistan had stopped producing good singers as it did in the past and IAK music festival would serve as the perfect platform to put a halt to that slump. He iterated that IAK would provide promising talent with opportunities to succeed.

The music festival’s Curator/Director Mekaal Hasan assured that I AM KARACHI is doing its utmost for music lovers. “It’s all about revival of music”, he quoted.I AM KARACHI Executive Director Ambareen Thompson said it was their aim to promote culture through all media; and music can play its role to bring people together.

She added that it will continue for six weeks in different areas ok Karachi where artists nationwide will participate. LokVirsaMela is announced to take place from November 11 at Arts Council Karachi.

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