I Believe Nawaz Sharif Will Must Return to PM Slot: Abbasi


The newly appointed Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that he thanked for the all MNA’s who voted for him and believed that Nawaz Sharif would returned to the PM slot again. 

” I am greatly thankful of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who give opportunity to me for this honorable post,” he said.

” I am thankful even those parties who contested election against me and help for continuation of complete the democratic process.

” It is PML-N success that out of 200 MNAS no one was himself candidate of PM  and  I am here just after selection by Nawaz Sharif,” he underlined.

“All the parties including ANP, JI, PPP and other parties will also give evidence that Nawaz Sharif never had done corruption. His sins was that he had made the Pakistan nuclear power, economic power and he brought more than sever billion dollar investment to Pakistan,” Abbasi said.

“An unprecedented decision was taken last Friday. We accepted it as it was. We did not challenge the courts, there was no division in our ranks. The party stands as it was. No one wanted to joust for power — whoever the prime minister [Nawaz Sharif] named was supported unanimously,” he maintained.

He urged everyone should give taxes and it will start from government ranks.

“The agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy and there is need to improve it and despite a Zamindar I know the problems faced by the peasants,” he said.

“The issuance of health cards is one of the biggest projects in South Asia launched by the former Prime Minister,” he said.

Opponent candidate of PPP Naveed Qamar, who came second by securing 47 votes, said in address that persons not matters today is Shahid Khaqan is PM and yesterday was Nawaz Sharif but institutions should be made strong.

“We should make parliament center of all decision and whenever we face any trouble we should consult parliament

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