IB chief admits to collecting particulars of Panama JIT members

IB chief admits to collecting particulars of Panama JIT members
The Director General of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) Aftab Sultan Saturday confirmed in his report to Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan that the bureau gathered ‘low-downs’ regarding the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) tasked to probe offshore assets of ruling Sharif family.

“It is hereby confirmed that low-downs of JIT members were collected since Panama Leaks case is a high profile case having serious repercussions on the political fabric of the country. How the said low-downs leaked is a matter of great concern and is being investigated.” stated the reply.

“As a regular practice, the bureau collects low-downs of the government personnel and other subjects of interest working on important positions. Such low-downs are maintained for ready reference” it added.

Aftab Sultan said the accusations of threatening the members of investigation team were totally wrong and refuted hacking Facebook account of Bilal Rasul- a SECP representative in JIT- and his wife.

“The Bureau, however, categorically denies allegations of hacking of facebook of Mr Bilal Rasool or his family, or infringing privacy and causing harassment of any JIT member or his family,” it said.

It bears mentioning that the six-member Joint Investigation Team currently probing Sharif family submitted a report in supreme court on Monday in which it alleged IB of hacking social media handles of Bilal Rasul and his family besides complaining that a housekeeper of Rasul was harassed.

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