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Ice hockey tournament Kicks off in Altit Hunza

Ice hockey tournament Kicks off in Altit Hunza
Young Children Playing Ice Hockey at Altit Old Capital of Hunza.
By NaveedMurtaza Ice hockey tournament, in the of Altit Historical town of Hunza, Kicks off in an iconic Hunza’s Biggest Swimming pool in Altit Hunza on Tuesday.

This event was conducted by Altit SCARF (Sports Club and Rising Federation) and supported by AKCSP, Aga Khan Cultural Service – Pakistan, Altit Town Management Committee and other organizations.  First ice hockey tournament in Gilgit-Baltistan was conducted in Naltar by Pakistan Air Force in  and on 26 Jan 2019 tournament the second ever ice hockey tournament was conducted at Altit Hunza.

This ice tournament was attended by hundreds of cheering crowd. Men, women, children and professionals all walks of life came to give moral support and to promote winter games as well as winter tourism in GB especially in Gilgit-Baltistan.
Different age groups participated in the match.

First, girls aged twelve to fifteen played an ice hockey. Then, the tough match was played between the teams of Ismaili Boys Scouts Altit.

Altit became a pioneer in starting winter sports in Hunza by conducting ice hockey tournament. It is a great example for other villages in Hunza and the government. Hope from now on government will take a lead to promote winter sports in whole Gilgit-Baltistan.

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