IHC expresses anger over non-recovery of former adviser Nawaz Leghari | Pakistan



ISLAMABAD: The high court chief justice expressed anger over the non-recovery of former adviser Nawab Leghari, saying he should not be kept in illegal detention.

While hearing a case on Friday regarding the disappearance of Leghari, Islamabad High Court Chief Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani said if Leghari is suspected to be involved in terrorism then proper investigation should be launched against him. But if Leghari is cleared as innocent, the chief justice added, he should be released from illegal detention.

According to the interior ministry, the chief justice said, Leghari was not under the custody of any law-enforcement agency that falls under their ambit.

However, the chief justice added the court awaited a reply from the Military Intelligence (MI) – till then no order in the case would be passed.

Therefore, the court sought replies from the MI and Intelligence Bureau, adjourning the case till July 12.

Leghari served as the prime minister’s adviser when Pakistan Peoples Party Co-chairperson Asif Ali Zardari held the office. He reportedly went missing earlier in April. 


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