IHC reserves ruling on petition for travel ban on US diplomat


Islamabad High Court has reserved the ruling on a petition seeking to place on exit control list the US diplomat, who caused death to a Pakistani citizen in a collision with his vehicle in Islamabad. 

On April 7, Colonel Joseph Emanuel, the US military attaché was driving the car that hit a motorbike, killing 22-year-old deceased, Ateeq Baig on the spot and injuring his cousin Raheel.

IHC’s Justice Aamir Farooq heard the petition filed by Ateeq’s father Muhammad Idrees, who was present in the court.

The court asked the petitioner’s counsel about the legal point in order to place US diplomat on ECL. The counsel said the diplomat is a military attaché; hence, action could be launched against him under Vienna Convention.

He pleaded with the court to order travel ban for the US official and direct police to carry out transparent investigation. He said though police had registered the complaint but they were not conducting the investigations.

Following the incident, Idrees lodged an FIR against the US diplomat at Kohsar police station.
The US diplomat ‘crossed a red signal’ and rammed his SUV into Ateeq’s motorcycle when he was passing by Margala road in F8 sector, said the father in complaint.

Idrees filed his petition to IHC under Article-99 of the Constitution. He pleaded with the court to direct the interior ministry to place the US diplomat on ECL until the case is pending before the court.

The aggrieved father requested the court to issue directives to police high-ups for transparent investigations of the case.

Story first published: 12th April 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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