LAHORE: A scuffle broke out in the courtroom over demand for the FIR copy when doctors involved in illegal organ transplant were taken to the court on Friday.

The issue started when the lawyer of Dr Altamash, one of the accused in the case, asked the lawyer of Federal Investigation Agency for a copy of the FIR, saying the doctor had not got a chance to present his stance. Over this, the FIA lawyer used harsh words. The arguments led to both the lawyers throwing files at each other.

Dr Altamash and Dr Fawad were arrested when FIA officials conducted a raid on their clinic that was being illegally run in a private housing society in Lahore.

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When the raid was carried out, two foreigners and others were also present at the clinic to sell their kidneys. The organ sellers were shifted to a hospital.

The doctors are also alleged to have taken out a kidney of a resident of Kalma Chowk, Roshni, and sold it to a foreigner for Rs133,000.

Later, two foreigners were also arrested for buying the kidneys. FIA Assistant Director Jameel Ahmed Khan had told Geo News the foreigners belonged to Oman.

According to Jameel Ahmed, the accused belonged to a group that was involved in illegal organ transplant not only in Punjab but in other provinces and Azad Kashmir as well.

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