Incumbent govt pushed country to Zia era: Maula Bux Chandio

Maula Bux Chandio
The central spokesperson of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Maula Bux Chandio on Monday expressing concerns over the World Bank report, that showed Pakistan’s GDP rate on the decline, said that the ineligible PTI-led government has pushed the country to Zia era and now the time has come to send packing the rulers.

“Time has come to send packing the government for the prosperity and security of the country and it is better for rulers to go back homes themselves,” he warned.

In his reaction over the WB report, he said that the further stay of the incumbent government would further deepen the crisis and they should be sent back as soon as possible.

PPP senior leader alleged that PM Imran proved his failure in each and every field including economy and industry and being moved towards further destruction as the passage of time.

“Imran used to say if honest ruler rule over the country each department itself become strong, however, WB report has proved Imran Khan one of the corrupt rulers,” Chandio said.

He said PM should offer an apology to the nation for defaming political forces and democratic institutions.

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