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India Has Divided in Two Ideology: Qureshi

India Has Divided in Two Ideology: Qureshi

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has urged the international community to take notice of the insecurity being faced by minorities in India.

In a statement issued on Monday, he said India has currently been divided into two ideologies. Those in support of secular India are protesting while on the other side, the Modi government wants to impose Hindutva agenda in the country.

He said democratic values are being suppressed in India while Hindutva philosophy is being promoted.

The Foreign Minister said everyone is sad over the maltreatment with Ulema in Utter Pradesh. He said police also manhandled with Priyanka Gandhi; not to speak of the common man. This situation prevails across the country, but the Modi government is unmoved.

He said the Indian government had blocked the voice of occupied Kashmir through communication blackout and curfew but the voice of entire India cannot be suppressed.

He said this tension is no more confined to any religion, area or language, but has spread every nook and cranny of India. He said police are storming the Muslim majority areas and subjecting them to violence. He said FIRs have been registered against ten thousand students for holding protest demonstrations.

The Foreign Minister apprehended that India can carry out any drama in Kashmir to divert attention from the internal chaos.

He said the world must have its interests for considering India its commercial ally but it should not be silent over the prevailing situation in India giving due importance to people’s values.

He said millions of people in India have realized the facts and the international human rights organizations, as well as the foreign media, are also covering these protests. However, he said, those who have interests with India have set aside their democratic values and kept mum over this situation.

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