ISLAMABAD: Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry continued to mock India, saying that the only way for India to land on the moon is through Bollywood.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday, Fawad wrote: “Endia only way now you can reach the moon is through Bollywood, another 100 crores and you guys ll be on the moon.”

“On serious note, extremists always fail and you failed when instead of scientists you relied on Jotshi and delayed the mission. Come out of hatred for other communities,” he further said.

On September 6, India lost contact with its unmanned spacecraft just before it was due to land on the Moon on Saturday, in a blow to the country’s ambitious low-cost lunar programme.

India had hoped to become just the fourth country after the United States, Russia and China to successfully land on the Moon.

But as Prime Minister Narendra Modi looked on, the mood in mission control in the southern city of Bangalore soon deteriorated when it became clear that everything was not going according to plan.

Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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