Indian doctors refused to treat a female patient from India occupied Kashmir (IOK) at Post Graduate Institution of Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh because of her Kashmiri origin.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Nasreen Malik, who had gone to PGI Chandigarh to undergo neurosurgical treatment, was refused to be attended by the doctors at the hospital saying “You pelt stones on our troops in Valley and then come here for treatment.”

Nasreen was asked to leave the hospital premises immediately.

Her son Javaid Malik told Srinagar-based Rising Kashmir that doctors were very responsive till they saw the prescription of a Srinagar hospital.

“Once they came to know that we are from Kashmir, they got angry and threw the papers,” Malik added.

He said, “Earlier, at the reception, when they got to know that we are from Kashmir, they became disrespectful to us and asked us to fulfil the basic formalities.”

He said the ill treatment at the hand of doctors and hospital staff forced them to leave the PGI Chandigarh.

“I had to leave the hospital without my mother undergoing treatment there.”


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