Indian Group Hacks Punjab School Education Website


Indian hacking group named “LulzSec India” has hacked the official website of Punjab School Education Department. Hackers breached the main page of the website and defaced it. The authorities have failed to recover it so far.


The hacked page can be accessed and viewed here.

Hacked Website

The LulzSec group put up slogans and some kind of Indian poetry along with a link to their Facebook page on the hacked website. The website is displaying some propaganda messages as well.

Here is how the Punjab education department’s main page looks like:

The website also generates a background audio which is apparently a dialog from the movie Alien.

One thing is to be noted here, when someone searches the website through the search engine, top result redirects users to this page. Now this page is working perfectly and there is no sign of hacking here which means that only the main page was defaced.

punjab education department website

This isn’t the first time that this group has messed with a Pakistani website. Previously, they have tried to hack many government websites.


Dozens of High Profile Pakistani Websites Are Vulnerable to Hacking: Indian Hacker

LulzSec India and Pakistan

The story of LulzSec group and Pakistani websites goes way back. Around 7 years ago, the group said that they enjoyed hacking Pakistani websites the most. The group not only hacked Pakistani government websites but also breached the Sony, PBS, US Senate, the CIA, Minecraft and League of Legends’web portals.

However, it was Pakistani websites that they enjoyed hacking the most. Here is what the group said in an announcement;

best old injection i had that doesn’t work anymore was on some Pakistani gov site that was apparently tied into military. Apparently their air defense pass was 445566.

In the most recent events, the same group was involved in taking down Sindh Forest Dept’s Website. Officially, it was said that the website was down due to the non-payment of hosting dues. However, when the users googled the Sindh Forest Dept’s Website, it mentioned “Hacked by Lulzsec India” in the brief website info. You can read about it in detail here.

These continuous hacking attempts show that we need more secure websites and a better recovery system. Pakistan also needs to take action against such hacking groups.

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