Indian Hotel Provides Luxury Experience to Pet Dogs


Gurgaon (December 7, 2017): If you are looking for a place that will give your dog the homelike environment that he always craves for, then Critterati hotel is the place you should be looking for.

A luxury hotel that provides the ultimate lavish experience catering only dogs, a suite in Critterati costs around $70 for a night.

Equipped with facilities like velvet beds, spa and swimming pools, the luxury hotel treats its guest dogs as royally. This is 16 times more than India’s average daily wage.

“It’s not a dog, it’s like a child. You’re spending on your child,” said one dog-owner.

Treating them with delicious food like rice, chicken, pancakes, pastries and even non-alcoholic dog beer imported from Belgium the hotel’s restaurant keeps close check on the nurturing of their fuzzy visitors.

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