Indian man kills 6-year-old for allegedly ‘ogling’ at wife

Indian man kills 6-year-old for allegedly ‘ogling’ at wife
Indian man kills 6-year-old for allegedly ‘ogling’ at wife

A man in the Indian capital killed a boy for allegedly ogling at his wife and then hid his body in a bed box, the Hindustan Times reported.

The six-year-old, who lived with his parents and two brothers in New Delhi, had gone missing while playing outside his house earlier this week. He was later found dead in a bed box on Friday morning (September 29).

Indian police have arrested a 19-year-old neighbour who allegedly killed the boy as he suspected him of peeping into their bathroom.

Early Friday morning, a strong stench from a locked room, barely a few metres from the boy’s house, drew neighbours’ attention.

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“We got the room opened thinking it was a dead rat. But when the bed box was opened, we saw a sack inside. The boy’s hands and head were visible in it. His mouth was tied with a black cloth,” said a neighbour.

“Rohit, a 19-year-old youth in the neighbourhood, has been arrested. He told us that the boy looked at his newly wedded wife while she took a bath and made lewd comments,” said an Indian police official, adding that Rohit allegedly attacked the boy in anger.

“His head hit the edge of the bed. On seeing him bleed, Rohit panicked and wrapped a cloth around his face. He then put the body in a bed box to hide it.”

The boy’s father, who works as a contractor, said he was not aware of anyone having ill-feelings for his son.

This story originally appeared on the Hindustan Times.

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