Institutions need to work honestly: President

Institutions need to work honestly: President
President Dr Arif Alvi on Monday said that he was grateful to have the biggest constitutional designation and he will fulfill his responsibilities to the best of his abilities.

Addressing the joint session of the parliament, he said that the institutions need to work honestly and the accountability institutions need to be improved as PTI-led government expressed resolve to build Naya Pakistan.

The president said that the state must ensure giving basic rights to the people of the country, adding that the masses want their issues to be resolved.

Alvi went on to say that we are a debt-ridden nation and we need debts to run our affairs but the government will take measures to tackle this situation.

Regarding water crisis in the country, he stressed the need to construct dams. He said that water is being wasted in the country, adding that we need to stop wastage of water and the government needs to devise a strategy in this regard as Pakistan is among the countries facing water scarcity.

“Balochistan and Sindh are facing drought and global climate change is impacting Pakistan severely,” the President added.

 Today s joint session was the first formal session of the NA after election and swearing-in of the new Prime Minister, Speaker and the Deputy Speaker. Earlier, the session was scheduled on September 13 but it was postponed to meet again on September 17 due to death of Kulsoom Nawaz.

Earlier, former President Mamnnon Hussain addressed the joint session of Parliament for four times, Asif Ali Zardari addressed the joint session of parliament for six times during his tenure, while his predecessor General (retired) Pervez Musharraf made the address once during his tenure of eight years and 10 months.

Former Presidents General Ziaul Haq and Ghulam Ishaq Khan had the opportunity to address Parliament on five occasions.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, members of the federal cabinet and parliament, chief ministers, governors and the Ambassadors, diplomats, members of civil society and important personalities from different segments of life are attending the joint session.


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