Iran Would Pay Price For Threats: Trump


Washington (April 25, 2018): United States President Donald Trump has warned Iran of “big problems” if it resumes the nuclear programme it agreed to curb in a 2015 international accord.

Speaking at the White House with French President Emmanuel Macron, Mr Trump called the Iran deal “insane”.Trump declared on Tuesday that if the Iranians “restart their nuclear programme, they will have bigger problems than they’ve ever had before.”

Trump issued his warning alongside French President Emmanuel Macron in the Oval Office, where the two allies discussed the multinational nuclear agreement, the war in Syria and trade issues during a day of meetings at the White House.Speaking at a joint news conference on Tuesday, Trump appeared to be more in line with Macron’s push for a longer-term US presence in Syria. Trump, who announced weeks ago that he would withdraw American troops, said Macron reinforced the idea of a potential Iranian takeover of territory liberated from the Islamic State group.

Macron told Trump that together the US and France would defeat terrorism, curtail weapons of mass destruction in North Korea and Iran and act together on behalf of the planet, a reference to Macron’s work to revive a US role in the Paris climate accord.

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