Almost two weeks ago, the famous Battle Royale game PUBG was temporarily banned in Pakistan. According to PTA, the game is suspended in view of complaints received from different segments of society. Where a fraction of society considers the suspension a good move, hundreds and thousands of Pakistanis took to social media to condemn the decision.


#PTALiftBanOnPUBG Trends Yet Again as Youth Demands PTA to Unban the Game

The case was finally moved to the Islamabad High Court, where a hearing was held on Tuesday. The case was heard before Justice Amir Farooq, who reserved the verdict on the petition pertaining to the ban after hearing arguments from both parties.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has objected to the petition filed by PUBG’s controlling company in Pakistan.


PTA Decides to Continue PUBG Ban For the Time Being

However, Justice Farooq, not convinced by PTA’s argument, asked:

Under which law did you ban the game.

PTA’s lawyer commented that the game was banned due to some indecent scenes and anti-Islamic material.

To which the court asked:

Which complaint mentioned that the game is against Islamic teachings?

And further, commented whether PTA would proceed to ban everything if the CPO asks?. Justice Farooq also remarked that PTA should have sought the opinion of psychologists on the effects of the game. You have to take decisions according to the law, not the situation. There are other games as well, which are perhaps even more violent.


Why Banning PUBG is Complete Nonsense

The decision has been reserved for now. More details will be revealed in the next hearing, but the chances look good, keep logging in for more details.

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