Israel lacks ability to attack Iran’s nuclear programme, says former PM Olmert


Former Israeli PM Ehud Olmert had ordered the attack in Syria in 2007. Photo: Courtesy Haaretz

Israel lacks the ability to launch a successful attack against Iran’s nuclear program the way the Israeli Air Force destroyed the Syrian nuclear facility, said former Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert, reported Jerusalem Post.

He was speaking at Jerusalem Post Conference in New York on Sunday. Olmert had ordered the attack in Syria in 2007. According to him, he said he had decided not to attack Iranian nuclear facilities because Israel could only set Iran’s nuclear program back two years. “What we could do with Syria, we cannot do with Iran,” Olmert said.

The danger involved in attacking Iran then was much greater than any possible achievement for Israel, and this remains true now, he said.

“With Syria, we destroyed it and knew it would take them time to rebuild it,” the former Israeli PM said. “With Iran, the distance is farther, and it is spread in different sites, mostly underground. The ability of Israel to destroy the nuclear capabilities is much smaller, and it requires different capabilities [that we don’t have].”

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Story first published: 30th April 2018

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