TOKYO: Japan announces to send troops to safeguard its ships in Middle East amid increasing Iran-US tensions.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Monday encouraged a deescalation of tensions in the Middle East, calling on all parties involved to step up diplomatic efforts.

Expressing his “deep concern” over a recent spike in tensions after the United States conducted an airstrike on Baghdad killing a top Iranian general last week, with Iran vowing retributions, Abe said parties involved should “exhaust diplomatic efforts” to ease tensions.

“With heightened tensions in the Middle East, I’m deeply concerned about the current situation. A further escalation of the situation should be avoided and I ask all parties involved to exhaust diplomatic efforts to ease tensions,” Abe said during his first press conference of the year.

The deadlock between Iran and the United States has intensified since a 2015 nuclear accord was inked between Iran and some major world powers.

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