Japan in Panic After N Korea Fires Missile in its Direction


North Korea fired a missile over Japan early this morning causing panic and concern in Japan and warning citizens in the northern parts of the country to take cover.

Japan warning system has warned its citizens on its northern Hokkaido island to take precautions, as the missile headed towards land in what seems to be escalation of North Korea’s posture against what it calls threat to its security.

The missile later broke into three pieces and landed in the sea. It flew for around 1,700 miles, reaching a maximum altitude of 350 miles, South Korean officials said.

The Pentagon has confirmed the launch.

South Korea’s military said the latest missile was launched from Sunan region near North Korean capital Pyongyang and flew two thousand seven hundred kilometers.

Meanwhile, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary, Yoshihide Suga, said the latest missile test by North Korea is a serious threat to his country.

Condemning the launch he said Japan will work closely with the United States, South Korea and other concerned nations on a response.

Just three days ago on August 26 North Korea had fired three short-range ballistic missiles from Kangwon province. US Pacific Command Spokesman Commander David Benham had said the first and third missiles had failed in flight while the second appeared to have blown up almost immediately.

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