Japan Slaps North Korea with More Sanctions


Tokyo (November 7, 2017): Japan has announced to impose additional sanctions on North Korea in response to what it says the continuing threat that North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs, pose to it.

The announcement was made by Japan’s top government spokesman- Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga- told a news conference today.

The sanctions, mentioned by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in a joint news conference with American President Donald Trump earlier today, will freeze the assets of nine organizations and 26 individuals.

Foreign news agency quoted Yoshihide as saying, “The North Korean missile and nuclear issue is a pressing threat unseen before. Its provocative actions, in which it has ignored the severe warnings of international society, are totally unacceptable.”

The organizations are North Korean banks, several of them based in China, while the individuals are based in a number of nations, including China, Russia and Libya.

Suga said the move was taken in the wake of Trump’s visit as a way of demonstrating the determination of the two nations to stand together and increase pressure on Pyongyang.

Trump said on Monday that the United States stood in solidarity with Japan on North Korea and called North Korea’s ballistic missile launches over Japan “a threat to the civilized world and to international peace and stability.”

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