Javed Hashmi Diatribe on Supreme Court Judges


Multan (August 2, 2017): The veteran politician Javed Hashmi, who had parts away from PTI, assailed the Supreme Court judges and alleged that appointing a judge to monitor investigation was a unconstitutional step as it will be better to shut the apex court.

Addressing to a press conference, Hashmi said, “The constitution is being damaged for only giving punishment to two persons , and if it will happen that will damaged not only constitution but Pakistan as well.”

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Hashmi stressed the political parties that they have the responsibility to enhance the respect of the security institution and protect the constitution from judicial marshal law.

“Cases against Yousaf Raza Gillani and me filed in NAB but no corruption changes proved against me but if someone charged me contempt of  court I will have no fear in this connection ,” he said.

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Meanwhile, as the Javed Hashmi came out from press club after holding press club the workers of PTI staged demonstration against him. They chanted slogans against him- Daghi—Dagi and had shoes in their hands. However Journalists drag him out form trouble waters to reach his car.

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