The 5th Hum Awards may have been a night filled with memorable performances and razzmatazz, unfortunately, that is not how it will be remembered.

This night will be remembered by the tasteless joke made by the show’s host, Yasir Hussain, when Ahsan Khan won the award for his role in critically acclaimed serial Udaari.

You are willing to ban Udaari, but are you willing to jail the man who molested me?

Ahsan won the award for the Best Negative character and as he came up to receive his accolade, Yasir made a joke, “Itna khobsurat child molester, kash main bhi bacha hota… (Such a handsome child molester, I wish i was a child as well.)”

Jibran Yasir, a Pakistani civil liberty activist, lawyer and blogger, slammed Yasir’s crude humour and posted:

He further added, “Even more outrageously than the joke was the fact that majority of the attendees laughed at the joke despite their exposure and education.”

He also shed light on how last year on an award show host, too, host Ahmed Ali Butt made jokes regarding dwarfism. “In a award show last year, host Ahmed Ali Butt did a whole skit making fun about dwarfism. With time we are supposed to progress not regress,” he posted,

He then went on to say, “Yasir Hussain’s comment last night proves that Ahsan Khan & Udaari’s teams should be encouraged to produce more work for awareness/education.”

Soon after this, Twitterati gave their two cents about the matter.

Yasir’s improvisation got him in hot water and the Lahore Se Aagay star took to social media to apologise for his comment.

He posted a video on Instagram with caption: “I strongly feel against child abuse and I will make sure to work in adding awareness of this issue!”

Ahsan Khan’s performance in Udaari earns him praise from Bollywood

In the video, Yasir is seen saying, “I am just as against child abuse as you might be and should be. The joke I made is perceived differently than I had originally intended to. I apologise to Ahsan Bhai and the rest.”

While Udaari‘s prime mission was to spread awareness regarding child abuse, Yasir’s joke proves there is still a lot that needs to be done in order to accomplish it.

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