JIT has done tremendous job but nothing new, claims ex-FIA official


LONDON: Though the JIT has done remarkable job during its tremendous working, but I think it’s going to be a splendorous part of the glorious past, FIA ex-acting director Inam Sehri told The News while talking this afternoon. He was contacted by the JIT to get the documents I have with me regarding investigation Hudaibiya mill, these documents, I have provided with copies to the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) have nothing memorable value.

I have just obeyed to the Supreme Court’s will; otherwise, nothing is new in the documents. I have another much more investigative record other than JIT’s investigation. The time will come soon when the JIT finding will be part of our history as we witnessed in the past in many investigations.

Regarding question of fake accounts of Hudaibiya Mills, Inam Sehri told that factual position is that we were told in 1996/97 about the fake bank accounts, I went to verify the addresses but couldn’t. I had submitted the report in details carrying some papers of evidence, but, frankly speaking that the Joint Investigation Team had done hundred-year advance than to the era of my tenure. At that time, even we cannot make a call direct to anybody who we required for information. We, usually get book trunk call if we need to speak specific person or authority.

Although time has drastically changed its norms and values, but I am still working for betterment of Pakistan. I have huge history of tactics, which, through people get escaped after committing wrongfulness.

Inam Sehri further told that JIT investigation was meant explore possibilities how to defame Pakistan Muslim League Noon and its leadership. And they have been successful in purpose. But I am sure that current turmoil will replace peace and serenity soon.

Mr Sehri revealed that after 7th of July no documents will remain valid if they were not got verified from abroad (UK and UAE) , and I hope there are many more documents are there in pipeline yet to be verified

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