Journalist who broke Panama Papers story asks Nawaz to elaborate on ‘conspiracy’


Bastian Obermayer, the German journalist who broke the Panama Papers story that ultimately caused the downfall of many heads of state (including Nawaz Sharif) urged the former prime minister to elaborate on claims that the documents were released as part of a ‘conspiracy’.

Obermayer tweeted: “Well. The former Prime Minister of Pakistan, who lost his job because of the #panamapapers: – It is a conspiracy against country’s progress, not me, said he without elaborating – Maybe he should elaborate, right?”

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif continues to claim that the release of the leaked documents that caused a storm around the world and resulted in a couple of heads of state to resign, was a conspiracy against him.

Ever since he was disqualified by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif has subjected the apex court’s judges to severe criticism and slammed the verdict that resulted in his disqualification.

Sharif and his children are facing charges of corruption in Pakistan’s accountability court. NAB alleged that the sources of income and expenditures of the former prime minister do not match.

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Story first published: 8th February 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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