JUI To Protest Countrywide Against Israel, India Atrocities


Islamabad(April 02, 2018): Jameet-e-Ulmae-Islam(F) has announced countrywide protests on upcoming Friday against recent atrocities of Israel and India.

Molana Fazl ur Rehman got angry over a question asked, related to the performance of Kashmir Committee, and said should I attack India?Addressing a presser, after attending 2 days Shura Ijlas here in Islamabad, Fazlu ur Rehman said countrywide protests will be observed on upcoming Friday against  state terrorism in Palestine and Kashmir .

Molana said he endorses PM’s stance regarding Chairman Senate, added he is not sure that general elections will be held on time or not?Replying to a question, Molana said in anger, “Should I attack India”?

Molana Fazl ur Rehman said committee has been formed in leadership of  Hafiz Hussain Ahmed  for contacts with religious parties.

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