Islamabad: Wife of Supreme Court Justice Qazi Faiz Essa has submitted all the details of her assets and properties in the Federal Bureau of revenue today.

Sources said that Zareena Faiz Essa appeared before a 20-grade officer of in-land revenue of the FBR where she submitted her property details in the form of documents.

She informed that she sent money to England through legal sources to buy her properties in London and she also submitted details of rent earned through her properties.

Mrs. Qazi Faiz Essa said that the central bank, State Bank of Pakistan has all the details of her banking transactions and her husband has no link with the said properties.

Ms. Zareen also presented a record of earning as a teacher at Karachi Americal School and properties sold out in the city. Besides that, she also submitted the record of property bought in Clifton Karachi and tax paid on it and properties she received from her father as a gift which included agriculture lands in Dera Murad Jamali and Naseerabad in Balochistan.

She also submitted her dollar and pond bank accounts details while she informed that she transferred as many as 0.7 million pounds through Standard and Chartered Bank.

It is pertinent to mention here that FBR has asked Justice Qazi Faiz Essa to present details of her wife’s properties in London.

Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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