Justin Trudeau meets the Canadian prime minister

Justin Trudeau meets the Canadian prime minister
Justin Trudeau meets the Canadian prime minister

A Syrian refugee couple named their child “Justin Trudeau”, in honour of the Canadian Prime Minister, and introduced the baby to the him on Saturday , reported BBC News.

The meeting took place at the Calgary Stampede where two month-old Justin Trudeau Adam Bilan slept happily as the Canadian PM held him. The boy’s parents, Muhammad and Afraa Bilan, named him as a gesture of appreciation for the country that offered them sanctuary.

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The baby boy was born in May in Calgary – several months after the Bilan family fled Syria’s war from Damascus and landed in Canada.

In late January, after US President Donald Trump’s ban on immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, Mr Trudeau took to social media to confirm his government’s commitment to helping “those fleeing persecution, terror and war”.

In December 2015, Trudeau greeted 163 Syrian refugees in Toronto as the country prepared for thousands more. Since then, more than 40,000 refugees have settled in the country.

Speaking last year, John McCallum, Canada’s minister for immigration, refugees and citizenship, said the government had increased funding for language training to address shortages across the country, reported The Guardian.

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“And what makes me proud is not just that we got the job done, which we did – but there is still more to do – but really that if you compare Canada with other countries around the globe which are tending to close their doors to refugees, Canadians responded so overwhelmingly positively to the refugees,” he said.

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