K-electric has warned citizens of Karachi of an increased power outage during the summer season.

In a statement, the spokesperson of the electric supply company said that due to relaxation in the lockdown, the businesses have reopened, causing a surge in demand.


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He maintained that due to the lockdown, the supply of furnace oil has also been disturbed due to which the power generation has been affected.

The situation has resulted in increased electricity load-shedding in Karachi and adjacent areas, he said.

The company’s spokesperson mentioned that the situation will return to normal as soon as the supply of oil is regulated.

Citizens, on the other hand, believed that K-electric is creating an artificial power crisis.


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People were mad at the deteriorating situation of power supply and said that they endure several hours’ load-shedding every day.

They maintained that every year, K-electric creates an artificial fuel shortage to get funds from the government while the corporation also increases charges in bills.

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