Kabul: Gunmen Barge into Private TV Station


Kabul (November 7, 2017): A female worker of a private TV died after gunmen barged into the office of a private television here.

The armed men forced their way into the office of the private TV after blast and firing near Media House here at the Afghan capital.

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According to Afghan media firings also echoed after the blast and that armed gunmen have barged into the office of a private television.

After entering the TV station the gunmen opened fire on workers and engaging in a firefight with security forces.

According to foreign media an unknown number of attackers entered the the Shamshad TV station around 10.30 a.m. local time, according to Basir Mojahid, spokesman for the Chief of Kabul Police.

One gunman had been killed by police, he said, as Afghan forces attempted to re-take the station.

The station confirmed in a tweet there had been several casualties.

The Taliban denied responsibility for the attack in a statement to the media.

Attacks on both so-called soft targets and on Afghan authorities are commonplace.

Last month, dozens were killed in two mosque attacks, claimed by ISIS, only to be followed the next day by a suicide bombing near a military academy which took another 15 lives.

At least 41 soldiers were killed in an attack on their base in eastern Afghanistan.

In September a suicide bomber killed three people in a blast outside a cricket stadium in Kabul, and the month before ISIS claimed responsibility for an attack on a Shiite mosque in the Afghan capital, which left 20 people dead.

It was the first attack targeting the Afghan capital´s so-called “Green Zone” since a massive truck bomb ripped through the area on May 31, killing or wounding hundreds.

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