Karachi: Body of seven-year-old boy found under mysterious circumstances


KARACHI: The body of a seven-year-old boy was found under mysterious circumstances in the city on Friday. 

The body of the victim was recovered from National Coaching Center under mysterious circumstances. Police claimed that Hassan Shah was found dead in the parking lot. He had been strangled to death with a rope.

Police further disclosed that Hassan Shah was the son of the gatekeeper of an under-construction boxing hall.

The boy went out of the house during the afternoon on Thursday and by evening the same day, his body was recovered from the parking lot.

According to the police, Hassan’s cause of death can be ascertained by a chemical examination report.

Relatives of the deceased have taken Hassan’s body to Mansehra for burial.
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Story first published: 2nd February 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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