Karachi-born Model Iqra Saeed died from drug overdose: police

Karachi-born Model Iqra Saeed
The police on Wednesday managed to unlock the cell phone of Karachi-born model Iqra Saeed, who was brought to a hospital in Lahore in an unconscious state where she died.

According to information obtained from her mobile phone, Iqra, 22, ran away from her home in Karachi and did drugs with three other men in Lahore’s Gulshan-e-Ravi, before she fell unconscious.

The model was moved to the Government Teaching Hospital Shahdara after she fell unconscious due to overdosed on ice, by the men, identified as Hasan Butt, Usman and Umar.

She passed away in the hospital two days later. According the police case has been registered against the aforesaid accused, however they have got interim bails in the case.

The police said the model died due to overdose on ice and further added that postmortem report will reveal the more facts into the matter of her death.

It is important to mention here that the past few years have seen various cases of similar nature arise across the city of Lahore.

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