Kurdish leader says 'yes' vote won independence referendum

Kurds celebrate to show their support for the independence referendum in Duhok, Iraq, September 26, 2017.
The “Yes” vote has won in Monday’s controversial independence referendum in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq, Masoud Barzani, President of the Kurdistan Regional Government said. Around 3.45 million ballots were cast, with 91.83 percent of those who took part in the referendum opting in favor of independence, Tass reports, citing local TV.

Barzani urged the central government in Iraq to engage “in serious dialogue” with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) “instead of threatening” it with sanctions. “We may face hardship but we will overcome,” Barzani said in a televised address.

The KRG president also called on the international community to “respect the will of millions of people” who took part in the plebiscite.

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