Lahore: Jail themed Restaurant Arresting Customers


Lahore (December 6, 2017): Pakistan is home to many creative geniuses who try their best to make the most of their ideas. Entrepreneurship in the country is growing slowly, but steadily. Ever since Pakistan has adopted the concept of themed-cafes, people have been investing in different ideas, trying to expand the market.

After the successes of cafes themed after Breaking Bad, F.R.I.E.N.D.S and horror movies, three friends have opened up a jail-themed restaurant in Lahore. The restaurant, named ‘Chaye Thaana’, is nothing short of a complete package for you, if you’ve ever wanted see a proper prison/jail.

Customers are rallying to the restaurant to check out the next-level concept of eating good food at a place that gives extreme resemblance to a jail. The restaurant which is located in Lahore’s Defense area will arrest you with its unique ambiance.

Inside the restaurant, waiters serve food wearing clothes that prisoners do. The restaurant is placed inside bars of metal that resembles a cell. Even the bill which is given to the customers comes as an FIR. Customers are happy with this out-of-the-box concept.

The cafe has been set up by three engineer friends, who wish to provide a different environment for foodies to eat and have a good time, with board games also present to pass time. With interrogation lights over food tables and barbed wires on the walls of the restaurant, the place guarantees a second visit.

We doubt it, but if you have ever wished of eating inside a prison cell, this next-level concept of ‘Chaye Thaana’ is the perfect place for you. Tag your friends and let them know about this jail-themed restaurant.

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