Balochistan has grown its average monthly household income faster than any other province despite having the lowest monthly household income, Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement (PSLM) Survey 2018-2019 has revealed.

According to PSLM 2018-2019, Balochistan grew its average household income by 21%, the highest growth rate of any province, since the last edition of the PSLM report published in June 2014.

PSLM 2018-2019 covered 24,809 households and gathered information about their income, savings, liabilities, and consumption expenditure and consumption patterns at both national and provincial levels with an urban-rural breakdown.


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In the last 5 years, the highest household monthly income was reported in Punjab at Rs. 42,862 while Balochistan remained at the bottom with Rs. 36,387. Moreover, the income of the poorest segment of society increased faster than the richest segment.

Overall, national monthly income over the past 5 years increased by 16.2% to Rs. 40,265 against the previous average of 34,642.

Here is a comparison of household monthly income of all provinces under PSLM 2018-2019 against PSLM 2013-2014.

ProvincePSLM 2018-2019 (Rs)PSLM 2013-2014 (Rs)

According to the 2019 survey, the average monthly consumption expenditure increased by 14% to Rs. 37,159 since the 2014 survey.


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Poorest segment of the society has the lowest monthly consumption expenditure while the richest segment reported the highest monthly expenditure. Similarly, the urban population has a consumption expenditure of 37% higher than the rural population.

With 42%, salaries and wages remain the biggest component of the household income across Pakistan. Dependence of household income on agriculture activities is increasing while dependence on livestock is on a downward trajectory, PSLM 2018-2019 concluded.

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