Lesco employees would be paid one-month basic pay as bonus

Lesco employees would be paid one-month basic pay as bonus
As many as 24,000 employees of the Lahore Electric Supply Company (Lesco) will be paid one-month basic pay as bonus.

The decision was taken by Lesco’s board of directors (BOD) in a meeting with the office-bearers of the All Pakistan Wapda Hydro Electric Workers Union (CBA) on Saturday.

According to a press release, the BOD, headed by Shaharyar Arshad Chishti, members and the Lesco chief executive officer discussed various issues with the union’s delegation, led by trade union leader Khurshid Ahmed (secretary general), Haji Muhammad Younas Kamboh and other representatives.

“The delegation assured the management that workers will leave no stone unturned to raise productivity of the national public utility and will provide better services to 4.2m Lesco consumers,” reads the press release issued by the union.

The BOD urged the workers the management would take all measures to ensure safe working conditions for the workers and to prevent accidents. It asked them to work hard and raise revenue of the company.

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