LIVE UPDATES: MQM, PSP to contest elections as one party, says Farooq Sattar


KARACHI: MQM-Pakistan and Pak Sarzameen party leaders will address a joint press conference at the Karachi Press Club on Wednesday.

  • 08:58 pm–Press conference concludes with Farooq Sattar stating, “MQM is not finished and neither is PSP.”
  • 08:57 pm–APML workers arrive at Karachi Press Club with sweets to celebrate the occasion
  • 08:56 pm–We reject this census where 7 million people have been left out of Karachi, says Mustafa Kamal
  • 08: 55 pm–If we were wrong 35 years ago and are making amends for it today, then appreciate us, says Mustafa Kamal
  • 08:53 pm–We will restore the integrity of the word Bhai once again, says Farooq Sattar
  • 08:53 pm– Abhi toh party shuru hui hai, says Mustafa Kamal
  • 08:52 pm–Till MQM remains, Altaf Hussain will continue to be alive politically, says Mustafa Kamal

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  • 08:51 pm–I want to ask for Farooq Sattar’s forgiveness if I hurt him through my words in any way, says Mustafa Kamal
  • 08:50 pm–The name of our unified party will not be MQM, says Farooq Sattar
  • 08:48 pm–I want to appeal to the establishment to forgive the sons of Karachi like you have forgiven the people of Balochistan, says Mustafa Kamal
  • 08:42 pm–This city has suffered enough as our parks have been ruined and we do not have clean drinking water, says Mustafa Kamal.
  • 08:40 pm–I want to thank supporters of MQM who accepted Farooq Sattar as their leader and the workers of PSP who recognised me as their leader
  • 08:39 pm–Altaf Hussain used to make a speech in a drunken state in the past and thousands of Mohajirs felt unsafe throughout Sindh the next day, says Mustafa Kamal
  • 08:36 pm–I want to ensure an environment in the city where a Baloch from Lyari can go to Liaquatabad and a Mohajir can go to Katti Pahari without being harmed, says Mustafa Kamal
  • 08:35 pm–It is for the sake of Mohajirs that I do not want to do politics in the name of Mohajirs, says Mustafa Kamal
  • 08:34 pm–I do not want to get innocent Mohajirs to get killed, says Mustafa Kamal
  • 08:34 pm–If I only represent Mohajirs then I will be inflicting the most harm on my own community, says Mustafa Kamal
  • 08:33 pm–Karachi has many communities including Mohajirs, Sindhis, Pashtoons and Pathans, says Mustafa Kamal
  • 08:31 pm–Said from day one that MQM was and will always belong to Altaf Hussain, says Mustafa Kamal
  • 08:30 pm–We will struggle for the people of Pakistan under the same party with the same election symbol and the same manifesto, says Mustafa Kamal
  • 08:29 pm–Farooq Sattar hands over the microphone to Mustafa Kamal who begins his address
  • 08:27 pm–We have decided to keep our egos aside, says Farooq Sattar
  • 08:25 pm–We will return Karachi back to its lost glory, says Farooq Sattar
  • 08:22 pm–We will fight elections with the same party, manifesto and symbol, says Farooq Sattar
  • 08:22 pm–We will announce the name of our new coalition in a couple of days when it is decided, says Farooq Sattar
  • 08:21 pm–We’ve both decided to work together under a new name and a new symbol, says Farooq Sattar
  • 08:18 pm–We will work together under a new name that will be worked on by both parties, says Farooq Sattar
  • 08:16 pm–Feudal lords have exploited this perception that the votebank of Karachi has been divided, says Farooq Sattar
  • 08:16 pm–MQM and PSP have decided jointly to serve the people of Pakistan through the best working relationship, says Farooq Sattar
  • 08:14 pm–The purpose of this press conference is to stop the division of Karachi’s votebank and to stop terrorism
  • 08:12 pm–Political parties in Karachi felt the need that we have to solve the problems of the people of Pakistan, says Farooq Sattar
  • 08:12 pm–We are hosting this press conference and PSP leaders are our guests, says Farooq Sattar
  • 08:11 pm–Farooq Sattar resumes press conference with PSP chief Mustafa Kamal
  • 08: 09 pm–Farooq Sattar once again interrupted by party workers and supporters
  • 08: 05 pm–Press conference begins as Farooq Sattar starts speaking
  • 08:02 pm–Kamal and Farooq Sattar stand alongside each other and attempt to disperse party workers
  • 08:02 pm–Mustafa Kamal urges PSP workers to step outside the press club so that the press conference can continue
  • 08:02 pm–PSP chief Mustafa Kamal grabs a microphone and urges his party workers to step back
  • 07:59 pm–Press conference continues to be delayed as party workers in huge numbers continue to chant slogans and crowd around leaders
  • 07:56 pm–PSP workers chant slogans in favour of Mustafa Kamal
  • 07: 50 pm–PSP chief Syed Mustafa Kamal steps outside his vehicle and prepares to speak at the joint press conference
  • 07:40 pm–PSP chief Syed Mustafa Kamal can be seen talking to someone on his mobile phone
  • 07:25 pm–PSP chief Mustafa Kamal arrives at the Karachi Press Club with his party leaders Anees Qaimkhani, Raza Haroon and Arshad Vohra.
  • 07:22 pm–MQM-Pakistan chief Dr Farooq Sattar says preparations are underway for the ‘Nikkah’ to take place.
  • 07:20 pm–Dr Farooq Sattar jokingly refers to the PSP delegation as ‘Dulhan Walay’ (party of the bride) in response to a question posed by a journalist.

“We are waiting for the bride’s entourage to arrive,” said Farooq Sattar, flanked by MQM-Pakistan leaders.
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Story first published: 8th November 2017

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