Load shedding solution: Multanis beat the heat with ice-cold Falooda


Reported by: Khizar Abbas

MULTAN: Load shedding may be bad for business but a Falooda shop owner in Multan is not complaining as customers rush to his place to beat the heat because of load shedding. 

“The heat is unbearable and because of load shedding, we need something to cool off,” says one customer. “Dakray wala Falooda does that best.”

A large number of people prefer taking home the cold dessert where they can have it with their loved ones.

“Our Faloodas have sugar and jaggery in them which is our answer to the heat,” says the shop owner.

With Pakistan heading towards a warm summer in the coming months, Multanis will certainly find relief in ice-cold Faloodas to beat the heat.

Story first published: 23rd April 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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