Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided against imposing a stricter lockdown, as advised by the health experts, saying that it was not a cure for the coronavirus.

Khan, while speaking to media after a meeting of the National Coordination Committee (NCC), said that lockdown will be detrimental for the already squeezed economy, as well as for marginalized people.


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There are 25 million laborers whose families will starve if they don’t work. Personally, I have always believed that the lockdown was going to affect these workers.

He continued that lockdown only works to control the spread, but so far, results show that it has not worked our way.

The purpose of a lockdown is that it only stops the spread of the virus. It is not a solution. Let me repeat, a lockdown isn’t a solution or treatment.


Punjab Govt Reopens Restaurants and Tourists Destinations

Post Eid Business Hours

Khan also announced revised business hours and lockdown details, as decided by the National Coordination Committee. As per the committee’s decision, all businesses will be allowed to operate five days a week until 7 pm in the evening.

The premier noted that stricter lockdown will be imposed on weekends and no business but groceries, medical stores, and pharmacies will be opened.

Tourism Sector

Khan also called for the tourism sector to be reopened under stern safety guidelines. He also urged people to strictly follow the SOPs to control the spread of the virus. PM Imran hinted at the revival of the tourism sector saying that it is one of the sectors where restrictions could be relaxed.

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