Mahira Khan slams criticism of Javed Sheikh on social media


NEWS DESK: Pakistani beauty Mahira Khan has spoken out in defence of Javed Sheikh amid the peck-on-the-check fiasco at Lux Style Awards 2018.

Mahira won the Lux Style Award for best actress for her role in the movie Verna. In a video, she could be seen turning away as Javed Sheikh tried to kiss her on the cheek when she came to receive her award.

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A number of people took to social media to call Sheikh out on his behaviour. However, Mahira tweeted in favour of the Na Maloom Afrad actor, saying she would “vouch for him always”.

She wrote: “I have just woken up to such silly stuff floating around. It’s good to be aware and have an opinion but for Gods sake don’t use anything and everything to make news. Javed Sheikh of all people! He is a legend and a mentor to all of us in this industry. Would vouch for him always.”

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Story first published: 21st February 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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