Man Bakes Largest Sponge Cake


Web Desk (September 30, 2017): Steve Oxford is the world’s first chef to craft the largest sponge cake ever. The cake is measured to be 5 ft. wide, weighing 50st and carrying 350,000 worth of calories.

Steve Oxford, aged 36, is the genius behind this cake and spent a week mixing 700 eggs and 500 lbs. of flour, sugar and butter to make this great masterpiece.

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The great mixture was divided in two halves and baked using an industrial oven. The mixture was poured into steel tins weighing 200lbs each and were placed in the oven with the help of a forklift truck.

The cake was then driven to Steve’s bakery where he used 50 lbs. of icing sugar and 30 lbs. of butter to make cutter cream filling for the cake.

He placed 30 lbs. of raspberry jam on the bottom layer before layering it with butter cream and placing the final cake layer on it.Nine men hauled the giant 700lbs cake to a marquee at the Sturminster Cheese Festival where the cake was unveiled for display.

Surprisingly, it was Steve’s son Samuel’s third birthday on that day too so the sponge cake acted as a birthday cake too.

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