Man killed as US embassy vehicle hits motorbike in Islamabad


By Noor-ul-Ameen

ISLAMABAD: A bike rider was killed in the federal capital after he was hit by vehicle of a US diplomat, police said on Saturday.

Police said Colonel Joseph Emanuel, the US military attaché was driving the car that hit the man, killing him on the spot.

The deceased was identified as Ateeq Baig.

Police said the US embassy official wasn’t arrested due to diplomatic immunity. However, the vehicle was shifted to Kohsar police station.

A US embassy spokesman said they were aware of the accident and were cooperating with the Pakistani officials in the investigations.

When contacted, an Islamabad police official said the US embassy hasn’t contacted the officials after the incident.

The police said investigation has been handed over to the Homicide department and further action will be taken on the request of victim’s family.

Story first published: 7th April 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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